DJ’s & Programs


4pm to 6pm  – Monday Youth



Favourite Song?
Small Town Boy – Dustin Lynch

Song that makes your ears bleed?
Believer – Imagine Dragons

4pm to 6pm  – Monday Youth



Favourite Song?
Can’t keep my hands off you –  Simple Plan

Song that makes your ears bleed?
Airplanes – BoB

4pm to 6pm  – Monday Youth


Favourite Song?

Song that makes your ears bleed?

4pm to 6pm  – Tuesday Youth


Favourite Singer/Song?

Song that makes your ears bleed?
Love Story – Taylor Swift

4pm to 6pm  – Tuesday Youth

About JADA


Favourite Song?
All time favourite singer atm is Peach PRC

Song that makes your ears bleed?
Memphis T-Shirt by Melanie Dyer, Everything my brother plays

4pm to 6pm  – Tuesday Youth



Favourite Song?

Song that makes your ears bleed?

12pm Friday  – Mix up Fridays

About KATE


Favourite Singer/Song?

Song that makes your ears bleed?
Baby by Justin Bieber


4pm to 6pm Sundays with Reggae Rush

About Benny

Our resident Kiwi, you can kick back, chill out and picture yourself somewhere incredibly Rastafarian with Benny’s show

10pm to 12am Tuesdays with Dans Country

9am to 12pm Saturdays with Jukebox Saturday

About Dan

Dan has a penchant for country/pub rock styles of music. When he’s not programming you can find Dan working hard, fishing, camping, hanging with his fmaily or fixing stuff! Our go to 4RFM Handy Man!

8pm to 10pm Mondays with Monday Bloody Monday

12pm to 2pm Sundays with Sunday Lunch

About Declan

With us since 2015, Declan draws on his British roots to bring us rocking tunes. When he’s not programming, you can find Declan hard working, or riding his motorbike, running errands for the British Secret Service, snowboarding or walking his dog. 

9am to 12pm Mondays with Manic Mondays

About Fiona

Our sweet 80’s DJ, Fiona would be happy with an all Belinda Carlisle playlist, but bends to our wishes and instead plays a great range of tunes from her favourite era and beyond, even dabbling in country from time to time! 

When she’s not putting together groovy playlists, Fiona is working hard and tending to her busy family!

8pm to 10pm with the Moshpit, every Thursday night

About Flynn Dogg

With us since 2015, Flynn Dog, (Flynny, Master of Mayhem, Beast of Brutality, Patrick, whatever you would like to call him) is our resident metal head, rocking the airwaves.

When he’s not thrashing out on air, Flynn Dogg can be found hard at work, or chilling out with his beautiful wife and children. 

10pm to 12am Fridays with Mixing it Up with Jeremy

About Jeremy

Our first Programmer from out of town, Jeremy uses his tweeny day to call in to 4RFM and put together great shows covering music from all era’s and genres. 

When he’s not out in Moranbah working hard, or programmin here at 4RFM, Jeremy is back home in Charters Towers spending time with his family. 

6am to 9am Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays with Breaky Beats

Jo at 9am to 12pm Wednesdays with 80’s to 00’s

About Jo & Ange

The dynamic duo are volunteers of over 10 years and are a favourite amongst our listeners with their range of music!

These girls are a wonderful addition to our 4RFM family, diligent with their programming, and always creating fantastic playlists with a wide variety of music.

10pm to 12am Wednesdays with 90’s Alternative

About Joe

You can hear Joe’s late night Alternative Show on Wednesdays.

9am to 12pm Tuesdays with Battle of the Bands

12pm to 2pm Tuesdays with Redneck  Radio

9am to 12pm Saturdays with Jukebox Saturdays

About Laina

Laina loves her 80’s Grunge but also has a soft spot for rock of all era’s, in particular songs with intriguing lyrics and old and new school country!  In other words, everything. When she’s not programming you can find her at 4RFM in the Community Coordinator and Magazine Editor role or hard at work looking after her family, finding lost hairbrushes and refereeing stolen clothing fights between her daughters!

6am to 9am Wednesdays with Classic

6am to 9am Fridays with 80’s to 00’s

About Lizzy

Young Lizzie loves classics and at times has quite a soft spot for Smash Hits and So Fresh CD’s from days gone by.

12pm to 2pm Wednesdays with Alt Vibes

9am to 12pm Thursdays with Alt Vibes

About Monique

Monique is our Alternative music queen, if you haven’t heard of it, she’s played it! You can catch her, ‘not your everyday’ tunes.  When she’s not programming, you can find Monique here at 4RFM in her Sponsorship/Youth Coordinator role or running around after her family!

8pm to 10pm Fridays with his Country/Blues Mix

About Normie

Holding the record for 4RFM’s longest standing presenter, with over 10 years volunteering up his sleeve, Normie is our Blues and Country specialist! Normie is always keeping super organised and ahead of time with his weekly shows and always keen on a coffee and chat when he’s between shifts!

10pm to 12am Saturdays with Mixing it Up with Robert

About Robert

Long time listener, Roberts has joined our 4RFM team from afar! Bringing us tunes from the 80’s up, with a long time love for singers such as Billy Idol and John Mellancamp you can hear Robert’s selections.

When he’s not busy with his young family and working hard, Robert is studying hard to get his playlists through to Alaina, all the way from Toowoomba!

8pm to 10pm Wednesday Night with 50 Shades of Folk

6pm to 8pm Thursdays with 50 Shades of Grunge

9am to 12pm Fridays with Eclectic Mixes

About Sue

With us since our inception in the early 90’s Sue’s eclectic music taste has brought us everything from World Music shows to Swing and Ska.

4pm to 6pm Mondays’ Tuesdays, Wednesdays with Moranbah Youth Shows

About our Youth Presenters

4RFM has 10 Youth Programmers/Presenters and 6 Project Y participants from Moranbah State High School each term!  These guys do a fantastic job learning the ropes and going on to put together some stellar shows with everything from Rap to Country and Pop! We love our young ones and 4RFM would just not be the same without their enthusiasm and sugar highs every week! Hear the Youth of Moranbah rocking the air waves.


Love your music and want to join us to put some playlists together?

Let us know!

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