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Why membership?
4RFM is a Community Radio Station and as part of our licencing regulations we are required to have a minimum amount of community members to keep us on air. By taking out membership you would be helping us to continue to help us stay on the air 24hrs a day, seven days a week.

We are launching a new membership program in 2019
All memberships run for a full calendar year or across membership years.

BENEFITS – $5 off Bingo entry, members only prizes as Radiothon, free welcome pack including free 4RFM cooler, 4RFM sticker and 4RFM magnet!



– Training as a volunteer presenter, programmer & DJ.
– Entitled to request purchase of new music in line with organisational budget, requirements & guidelines.
–  Entitlements to vote at AGM and general committee meetings

1 YR – $20
3 YR – $30
5 YR – $45


– Entitlements to vote at AGM & general committee meetings

1 YR – $15
3 YR – $25
5 YR – $40


– For school students attending High School in the Isaac Region and young members under the age of 25 years of age whether or not they are living at home.
– Each member is entitled to vote at an AGM & general committee meeting and may be trained as a presenter.

1 YR – $15
3 YR – $25
5 YR – $40


– For 2 adults and up to 4 children under 18.
– Adult members are entitled to vote at AGM and general committee meetings.
– Youth members who are registered as volunteer programmers/presenters also have the same rights as Youth/Student membership above

1 YR – $30
3 YR – $45
5 YR – $60

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